If you are wondering how to choose a job interview outfit, you are not alone. Almost everyone who is serious about a prospective job interview is concerned about what they are going to wear and how will they be perceived by the interviewer.

Fit in

Naturally you will want to “fit in” to the prospective organization. But it’s not just you who wants to fit in. Your new employer will want you to work happily and harmoniously with the existing team. Rightly or wrongly, your appearance will send signals about whether that will happen.

Avoiding the halo effect

The halo affect occurs when you look at someone and draw a conclusion about who they are by their appearance: Beard and check shirt? Hipster graphic designer. Tied back hair, sharp suit and perfect makeup? Corporate lawyer. We all do it to a lesser of greater extent, and interviewers are no exception. This should help guide us when choosing job interview clothes.

Research – How to choose a job interview outfit.

So how are we going to fit in? You don’t want to turn up at an interview in a sharp corporate suit and find everyone is super casual, or vice versa.

If you can, get along to the company you are interviewing for. Have a look at what the people are wearing – but make sure you are observing the right office and don’t hang around too long as you might be picked up by security!

Have a look at the company’s website, Linked In and social media pages to get a feel for what people wear. Your job interview attire is going to be a smart version of this.

Selecting the right clothes for the interview

Now you have an idea about what people at the company wear, you have an idea of what to wear to an interview with this organization. Whatever you choose, it is important that it is clean, pressed or ironed, and fresh – no cooking onions in close proximity!

how to choose a job interview outfit clothes
You are not going to a party. You’re going to an interview.

But remember, this is business meeting. It’s not a wedding or a date, so don’t overdo the smartness or fashion statement!

A top tip. Have two tops ready for the day of the interview in case you spill something down one. Been there, got the stained t-shirt!

Finally, it’s fine to be yourself and I’d encourage it. But unless you are going for a job in a highly creative environment, your wacky and crazy side can wait until you have secured the position.

So, it’s important to fit in, do some research and be smart, clean and fresh – Now go and crush that interview!