An interviewer can learn as much about you by the questions you ask at a job interview than the questions you answer. For that reason, it’s important to have great questions ready for your interview.

Preparing questions to ask at job interview

When you research the organization that you are being interviewed by, there will naturally be questions that arise from your research. Make a note of them. It’s important that questions are not focussed on what you will get out of the deal if they recruit you.

Here are 7 Great Questions to Ask at Job Interview that can get make you look really sharp:

1)    Why are you recruiting for this role?
There are a number of reasons why organisations recruit; they are growing so need more people, they are restructuring and need to fill new roles, someone has left, and they need to replace. This gives you a good idea of how you fit in strategically.

2)    Why did the last post-holder leave? OR Why did the last person to leave your organisation leave?
It’s OK for them to ask you why you left a job, so it’s ok to find out what makes people move on.

3)    What qualities would you say top performers in your organization have in common?
This demonstrates that you are interested in helping them succeed and helps you understand what qualities are required.

4)    What would your staff say are the best things about working here?
This question gives you an idea of what you would enjoy. The flip-side is what the worst things are. Always try to be positive in interview, so maybe ask what frustrates staff the most.

5)    What made you want to interview me?
This is such a powerful question to ask at a job interview as the interviewers will tell you good things about you will help you identify your strengths!

6)    Is there anything that makes you unsure about my ability to do the role?
Again, a killer question to ask at an interview. This question reveals any weaknesses during the interview and allows you to deal with them there and then.

7)    When can I expect to hear from you?
It’s important you know what happens next and when it’s OK to chase them for a result. If they say next Wednesday and you don’t hear by then, you can chase on Thursday.

Hold on, what if the questions I ask are answered during the interview?

No problem. When you are asked if you have any questions, go down your list and recap along the lines of: “I had a question about why you are recruiting, but you’ve answered that. You’ve said why the current post-holder left…”

It’s highly unlikely all the 7 questions above will be answered, but if they are, just ask the interviewer to expand, for example: “You said your staff like the friendly atmosphere, is there anything else they would highlight?”

By recapping and expanding, it shows you were listening during the interview – which is always a good thing!

I hope this helps you ace your interview, now go get ‘em!