If you’re not sure what to bring to a job interview, this free checklist will help you.

The good news is you’re not going to be taking much, just what you need for the interview. But, it is important to take what you do need.

Let’s dive in:

  1. Resume or CV. The interview will be centred around the resume or CV you sent in when you applied for the role. Make sure you have your copy ready to hand and crucially, make sure you know it.
  2. Copy of application form. If you filled out an application form, be sure to have a copy to hand and take this to the interview. Again, be sure you are familiar with what you wrote.
  3. Any work samples. Depending on the type of work you are going to, you may want to take some work samples, particularly if you are a designer or work in a visual way. If you don’t have a physical portfolio, be sure to have links to online examples.
  4. Notes and questions from research of company. When preparing for the interview you will do some research into the role, company and people. This will throw up some questions. Note these questions and key data on a sheet of paper so you can refer to them during the interview if required. It will show you are prepared.
  5. Anything you are asked to bring. You may be asked to bring additional documentation or something else to the job interview, make sure you check all the paperwork to see if you are asked
  6. Give the company a call a tell them: ‘I’m bringing my resume/cv, I have some notes and you wanted me to bring my passport. Is there anything else I need to bring to the interview?’ 
  7. I would always bring a couple of pens or something else to write with to an interview. It looks unprepared if you have to ask for a pen.
  8. Mints or something to freshen the breath – NOT chewing gum.
  9. A clear folder to keep all your paperwork in. Clear because you can read your notes through it and the interviewer will see you are well prepared.

 And that’s it. Now you know what to bring to an interview. I hope it goes well!

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